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12 Gift Ideas for Your GF 2022!

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1. Ethnic dress

Ethnic Dress

To give an Ethnic dress to your gf,  its always an excellent idea and joint, but at the same time, it also requires time to think about what kind of ethnic dress your GF would love. So somehow, it depends on your GF’s choice; take a deep breath and think about what kind of Ethnic wear your GF mainly wears. Accordingly, you can choose a dress for her.

Some dresses ideas in ethnic wear could be one of your GF’s choices from this list-
  •   Ethnic Wear-
  •   Anarkali suit. 
  •   Ethnic shrug. 
  •   Palazzo suit.
  •   Lehenga choli. 
  •   Designer dupatta. 
  •   Long Skirt
  •   Dhoti pant
  •   Plazzo Suit
  •   Suit Salwar

2. Makeup Products

Makeup Products

The second option could be a makeup kit. Every girl loves makeup, she would love it, if you give her makeup products. You can choose any makeup products per your budget.

But make sure when you buy makeup for her, keep her choice of brand in mind because brand matters most in makeup products. Girls are particular about the brands in terms of makeup products, and its also necessary because they have to make a list of the brand as per their skin type, what brand is suitable for her, they know very well, so before buying makeup products, it’s better to ask them about their brand.

Some make products listed here-
  •   Lipstick & Nail paints Kit
  •   Facewash & Face packs
  •   BB Cream
  •   Foundation
  •   Kajal
  •   Eyeliner
  •   Eyeshadow
  •   Blush
  •   Lipstick
  •   Eyeshadow pallet
  •   Blush
  •   Foundation
  •   Primer
  •   makeup Brush kit
  •   Makeup box 
  •   Perfumes
  •   Body dues
  •   Concealer
  •   Highlighter
  •   Bronzer
  •   Setting Spray/Powder
  •   Makeup Essentials – Eyes:
  •   Eye Primer
  •   Mascara
  •   Lip Gloss
  •   Pedicure and manicure kit
  •   Facial kit
  •   Body locations
  •   Body care products
  •   Lip Care products
  •   Heel care products
  1. Photo framesPhoto Frame

Take pictures of the moments you spent together and get set in that frame.

4. Footwear



Footwear sounds bad for gifting, but if your GF is a footwear lover, it will be a great idea to gift her footwear. You also have to consider what type of footwear your GF will love, such as Heels, flats, shoes, boots or bellies. 

5. Jewelry


Again, jewelry is also an essential thing in a girl’s life and every girl likes jewelry, but which type of jewelry your GF would love most that you have to think and then buy it.

Below are some of the best things to gift to your loved ones. 
  •   Earrings
  •   Ear Cuffs
  •   Hairpins
  •   Hair rings
  •   China
  •   Chokers
  •   Necklaces
  •   bracelets
  •   bangles
  •   earrings
  •   anklets
  •   Mang Tika
  •   Belly chain
  •   Noosepins
  •   Brooch
  • Toe rings

6. Jewelry Box

Jewelry box

7. Bags

women begs

If she loves to carry bags, then bags will be a great idea to gift her on rakshabandhan. But think about what kind of begs she carries and what she needs before buying. Types of bags are listed here; you can choose her choice of type bag and gift her.

  • Tote Bag · 
  • Shoulder Bag 
  • Saddle Cross-Body Bag 
  • Satchel Bag 
  • Hobo Bag 
  • Duffel Bag 
  • Laptop Bag 
  • Messenger Ba
  • Clutch

8.  Books


Books will be a great idea if she loves to read books. But you should know what types of books she loves to read; she will be happier after getting a book as a gift of her choice.
Home decor items- Women love decorating their rooms and home. Any decor items of their choice can make them happy.

9. Kitchenware-

If she loves to cook, then give her kitchenware, so whenever she cooks, she will miss you and your gift.

10. Chocolates-


11. Gift hampers-

Gifts Hamper

12. Watches-


13. trip voucher-

Trip Vochuer

If she loves to travel, give her a voucher. She will love this gift. These are best places to visit for summer vacation.
Your love & time- Last but not least, your love and time, it’s the best gift which every girl would love, and you don’t need to purchase it, promise it on this special day that whatever happens in life, I will be there for you in every situation. This promise could be one of the better gifts ever for her.




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