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How to Install a Built-In Dishwasher

The process of installing an integrated dishwasher is similar to that of installing a standalone dishwasher, with a few additional steps to complete, such as drilling and careful attention to measurements, among other things. 

Before we begin installing your integrated dishwasher, there are a few items you should make sure are in order. A cabinet space for your new integrated model ought to already be reserved.

If it’s not going immediately beneath your sink, you should also have holes drilled through the side for your water supply, drainage tube, and electrical wires. Since you’ll be dealing with wires, turn off the electricity to your kitchen, and make a strategy before you act.

For example, the majority of models will have a connection at the dishwasher’s front bottom. Hence, make sure your dishwasher is securely in position before connecting; nevertheless, if your dishwasher is connected from the back, you must connect from the front. These are just minor details to keep in mind to avoid unpleasant surprises or having to start over. 

So, how is your integrated dishwasher installed?

How Can an Integrated Dishwasher Be Removed?

You can skip this part if there isn’t an integrated dishwasher currently in place. It is necessary to carefully uninstall the old integrated dishwasher before installing the new one if you are replacing an older model with an updated one. This is how you apply it:

  • Turn off your dishwasher’s water and power supplies.
  • Any screws holding it to the countertop should be removed.
  • Any cabinet components that are “boxing” it in should be removed.

It might already have rollers fitted to the bottom; if not, use furniture rollers or any other device that will let you remove your dishwasher from the cabinets.

Take off the “junction-box cover” located in the rear. All of the wiring will be located here. Take care to remove any tubes, wiring, etc. Disconnecting the drainage tube, water supply, and any compression fittings is what you’ll be doing. At this point, use a bucket to collect any leftover water, especially with the water supply and drainage tubes installed. 

A fully detachable integrated dishwasher should be available for you to roll away and relocate to any desired location. Should it remain functional, give it to a charitable store. If it’s not worth donating, consider recycling it. When you purchase a new appliance from us, we provide our recycling service!

How Should My New Fully Integrated Dishwasher Be Installed?

  • Make sure the electricity and water supplies are off before installing and that the hot water supply has a dual outlet valve fitted. There should already be a dishwasher if you had one before. You’ll need to install one if you still need to. Here is our detailed installation guide for your integrated dishwasher:
  • Attach the water supply line to the water heater in your home. Your valve should have a fastening that enables you to tighten it manually. Wait to attach the other end. 
  • Attach the drain line to the tailpiece of your sink. You will need to install a tailpiece if one isn’t already there. Make sure that the drain pipe is fastened above the tailpiece.
  • Assemble and prepare your utility wires for hookup. 
  • To make the dishwasher practically level with the counter, raise it to the appropriate height at its feet. It is advised to leave a tiny space since it facilitates attachment and allows for airflow.
  • Place your dishwasher beneath the counter. If the surface of your kitchen floor is easily scratched, try using rollers or laying down some old towels.
  • Attach the dishwasher to the opposite end of the water supply line. 
  • Securely attach the dishwasher’s drain line after connecting it.
  • Assemble all of your electrical cables. Usually, these are color-coded.

You will receive clips with your appliance so you can fix it in the cabinets. For this, you might need to drill a few holes, or you can use a screwdriver to push them into the cabinets. You can also hire dishwasher repairs Melbourne for your dishwasher needs

You’re ready to go once you turn on your water and power supply again!

Recall that you must complete all the steps if your dishwasher is connected at the back. 

Should you choose to entirely hide the dishwasher with a door panel on the front, screws and clips are used to connect the panel rather than standard hinges.  


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