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Remote Volunteer Projects: How to Give Back While Working from Home

Volunteering is a great way to help others while learning new skills and connecting with your community. But it can be difficult to find time to volunteer if you have a busy work schedule or other commitments that keep you at home. The good news is there are now many volunteer opportunities that allow you to contribute your time and talents remotely from the comfort of your own home. Here is an overview of some of the top remote volunteer projects available today.

Virtual Mentoring

One impactful way to volunteer remotely is by becoming a virtual mentor. Many nonprofits have mentorship programs that rely on digital communication to connect mentors and mentees. As a virtual mentor, you would be matched with a mentee based on shared interests, experiences, or goals. Mentorship sessions typically take place via video chat, phone calls, email, or instant messaging.

Mentoring can make a profound difference in a young person’s life. As a mentor, you’ll gain the fulfilling experience of watching your mentee grow and thrive.

Micro volunteering

Micro volunteering consists of completing small, honorarium assignments that can be done in short increments of time. These bite-sized volunteering tasks allow you to donate your skills and just a few minutes whenever it fits into your schedule.

Some examples of micro volunteering opportunities include:

  • Reviewing nonprofit grant proposals, applications, or other documents.
  • Editing or proofreading website content, newsletters, or blog posts for organizations.
  • Transcribing audio or video recordings to help make content more accessible.
  • Tagging or categorizing photos for nonprofits online.
  • Providing virtual tech support to help nonprofits with issues like website development, security, or software problems.

Micro volunteering is a flexible way to use your expertise to address community needs. Splitting volunteering into micro-tasks makes it easy to fit into a busy lifestyle.

Crisis Counseling

In times of disaster or crisis, volunteer crisis counselors are greatly needed to support community mental health. Through organizations like Crisis Text Line, volunteers can be trained to become crisis counselors who provide emotional support, crisis intervention, and mental health referrals to individuals in distress – all through text messaging.

Crisis counseling is an impactful way to help people handle challenges like depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, and other mental health struggles. By volunteering from home, you can make yourself available to listen, empathize, and assist people during their darkest moments while they navigate crisis or mental health issues. Crisis counseling utilizes your interpersonal skills to have a profound effect on others during difficult times in their lives.

Assist Nonprofits Virtually

Many nonprofits need volunteers who can assist with administrative tasks, marketing, graphic design, writing, and numerous other remote-friendly functions. Reach out to nonprofits in your community to see if they have opportunities for virtual volunteers.

Some examples of how you can help local nonprofits remotely include:

  • Managing social media accounts and developing social media strategies.
  • Writing, editing, and distributing email newsletters, blog posts, or other content.
  • Creating graphic designs for websites, signage, brochures, presentations, and more.
  • Photographing events and providing photos to the organization for use.
  • Assisting with research, data entry, or data analysis.
  • Helping with SEO efforts, web analytics, and digital marketing campaigns.
  • Recording videos for the organization to use online or at in-person events.
  • Developing lesson plans, activities, or educational materials if the nonprofit works with schools or youth.

Volunteering your specialized skills or knowledge to help a nonprofit enhance their operations and better serve their mission is a great way to give back from home.

Virtual Fundraising

Fundraising is vital for nonprofits to sustain their services. Volunteering to assist with fundraising initiatives is tremendously helpful for organizations with limited budgets. Luckily, several fundraising activities can be managed remotely.

Some ways you can help nonprofits with virtual fundraising include:

  • Planning and coordinating online fundraising campaigns through crowdfunding platforms like GoFundMe.
  • Assisting with grant writing and applications.
  • Promoting fundraising events online through social media posts, emails, graphic design, etc.
  • Organizing virtual walk/run/bike events where participants collect online donations.
  • Setting up monthly giving or recurring donation programs.
  • Coordinating online auctions, contests, or raffles.
  • Creating marketing materials for fundraising drives.
  • Researching potential corporate or foundation sponsors.
  • Organizing a peer-to-peer campaign where volunteers fundraise on behalf of the organization through their own networks.
  • Supporting donor research efforts to identify new potential supporters.

Offering your project management, marketing, writing, research, or other skills to aid nonprofits with virtual fundraising activities enables them to raise critical funds efficiently and effectively. And you can contribute without ever leaving your home!

Virtual Advocacy and Awareness

Nonprofits and charitable causes often need assistance spreading awareness and mobilizing supporters around particular issues or campaigns. This presents an opportunity to volunteer virtually by leveraging your social networks and digital channels.

You can help nonprofit advocacy and awareness initiatives by:

  • Sharing key information, infographics, and multimedia across your social media platforms.
  • Creating customized graphics and social media posts to promote specific campaigns.
  • Writing letters to the editor or op-eds for local media outlets.
  • Emailing friends and family to increase campaign visibility.
  • Signing and sharing online petitions.
  • Participating in online awareness days, hashtag campaigns, or “tweetstorms”.
  • Sending emails or messages to elected officials regarding legislation or policies impacting the cause.
  • Writing online reviews or testimonials highlighting the organization and their work.
  • Creating website content or blogs to bring attention to campaigns or issues.

Using your voice on digital channels is a simple yet powerful way to propel campaigns forward as a remote volunteer.

Final Thoughts

Volunteering remotely allows you to create positive change in your remote community and the world, even if you’re unable to volunteer in-person. The opportunities are endless – you can mentor a young person, offer crisis support, leverage professional skills to aid nonprofits, fundraise virtually, advocate online for causes you care about, and so much more. With many reputable organizations now offering virtual volunteering programs in addition to their in-person offerings, it’s never been easier to contribute your time and talents to help others. No matter your schedule or location, you can now conveniently volunteer from home and gain that rewarding feeling of making a difference.


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