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We made some rules to evaluate website quality. Make sure your website is following those rules because our aim is to provide best and real data to our audience/users.

All bloggers out there are most welcome on Guestblogcenter. Before proceeding to submit your website, Read all the instructions carefully.

  • Make sure your website is SEO friendly and following the guidelines of Google.
  • Give the right and proper contact details in the form, So users don’t have trouble contacting you.
  • Give the exact traffic detail of the website that it is getting in a month.
  • We set a minimum value for website DA(Domain authority) if your website’s Da is less than the value what we have set it will reject automatically or if it’s above the default value, it will go to the admininstrator for verification and after approval, it will be shown in the matching category.
  • Link Type – Choose the type of link you give in content “nofollow” or “dofollow”. If you give link in exchange, choose exchange link.
  • Choose the right category from the category list box, your website will list in same category list you choose during website submission. Choose your primary category for listing your website.
  • Mention your country in the box where you are spreading the information and whose audience you are targeting.
  • Website URL – Put the right website URL in the box where users land on the website and get enough information.
  • After filling the form your data will go to the admininstrator for verification. If your website is matching all the criteria’s your website will be shown in the matching category in next 7 days.
  • If you put the right information in the form and still your website is not showning. You can mail to our team on mail id.