Trending hair style for Women 2022

The Latest Hair Cuts For Women In 2022


Man or woman, the quickest way to transform your look is to get a haircut. Going short or adding a dash of colour aside, several haircuts for women can make a huge difference. 

We find that many women today want hair cuts that are easy to maintain but look good as well. Going by the trend, we think simple hair cuts will rule the roost in 2022. 

For instance, unlayered blunt chops, all kinds of bangs, pixies, and messy bobs are likely to be hot this year. Among these, we have picked out 10 of our favorites for you. 

Here is the list of trending Hairstyles 2022

  1. The lob 

    Lob hair cut

We think the lob is a haircut that never goes out of style. If you think you can rock a short haircut but want the length, the lob is for you. In other words, it is the best of both worlds. 

      2. Bangs with a wavy haircut 

Bangs with a wavy haircut

Adding face-framing bangs to wavy layers can look good on a woman of any age. So, we think this is a classic hairstyle for women. You can pick curtain bangs that also highlight your cheekbones and provide the appearance of a longer face. 

      3. Bangs with a lob 

Bangs with a wavy haircut

If you have dark and voluminous hair, you might want to try a lob with face-framing bangs and add light highlights.

     4.  Long shag with highlights 

long-shag with highlights

f you have long hair but still need a haircut that’s low maintenance but looks good, the shag is an excellent choice. Again, depending on what you like, you can choose to add bangs or not. Since a shag involves several layers, it also can make your look voluminous.

     5. Razor bob 

Razor bob

A razor bob is super simple to maintain and looks sexy on most women. If you have long and thick hair and are looking to chop it off, this haircut should be on your list. 

    6. Layered highlights 

Layered highlights

Can’t choose a haircut? Then add some layers and highlights to your hair. It looks good on the hair of any length but looks best on medium-length hair. If you think layers can be harder to maintain, choose invisible layers. 

     7. The inverted bob 

The inverted bob

We can’t get over the bob; the inverted bob is always a hot favourite. Try a two-tiered bob, short at the back and longer in front with tapered ends. We expect this to be the most popular haircut of 2022. 

     8. Medium-length messy shag 

Medium shag 

Shag haircuts are always the go-to for a messy look. And if you have wavy hair, you must try layers to add to the messiness of your haircut. Throw in some bangs, and you’re ready to rock the out-of-bed look. 

     9.Waves with ombre 

 Waves with ombre

Beachy waves, in particular, are an all-time favourite hairstyle for women. They can look good through any season and by women of all ages. Make your hair look even better by adding a subtle ombre. 

  10. A plain old blunt with curtain bangs 

A plain old blunt with curtain bangs


A plain old blunt with curtain bangs

You know you can never go wrong with a blunt cut for those with straight hair. It’s classy while being chic and can suit most women. If you want to make things playful, then add long curtain bangs. 

  11. Collarbone bob 

Collarbone bob

The bob keeps making its way back into this list, and this time it’s the collarbone bob. It’s the perfect solution to extremely long hair that is hard to take care of. It’s low maintenance and can be a refreshing change. 

  12. Pixie bob 

Pixie bob

We think that short haircuts will be the most popular this year. But, if you don’t want to go all the way and keep some, then choose the pixie bob. 

  13. Blunt textured cut

Blunt textured cut

Get a short blunt. Add texture to your blunt cut by adding layers. Keeping the ends blunt while introducing texture in the form of layers will make your hair look thicker. 

  14. Pixie 


If you’re up for it, go all the way and get a neat little pixie. It works exceptionally well on women with fine hair. 

  15. Long hair with layers 

Not every woman can rock long hair. It can be high-maintenance. And if you need to add a dash of volume, then layers are the way to go. It also serves as an opportunity to stand out with long hair when everyone else is going short. 

  16. Tapered cut 


If you have super curly hair, you might want to taper off your Afro by opting for a tapered haircut. If you think you can go short, try this haircut which means shorter hair on the sides and a lot of length at the top. 

There you have it! Our top hairstyles for women in 2022 are not exhaustive at all, and we believe that a haircut is yours to own. So, play around with lengths, texture, layers, colours, and more, and you can add an entirely new dimension to your personality. 

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