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Try these 50 GK Questions for Class 5 Students!


Regular exposure to general knowledge or GK questions for class 5 or other students is significant. It plays a crucial role in building a student’s interest in the world outside their textbook. GK covers science, technology, finance, history, current affairs, literature, world affairs, social studies, and even trivia. Students with sharp GK skills tend to be more confident and stand a better chance of performing well in their careers. 

Is there a need for GK? 

Everywhere we look, we observe people trying to stand out and excel in whatever they do. In such a scenario, introducing your children to the world of GK and allowing them to read books or watch videos and documentaries on subjects that captivate their attention will only help them in the long run.  

Possessing the knowledge that goes beyond classroom requirements expands children’s intellect while improving their ability to read, retain, and grasp various concepts. 

A few advantages of GK for students 

The world of GK is vast, and there are many ways to introduce a class 5 student to it. You can even make it fun and gamify the whole GK learning experience. Let’s look at a few benefits of GK. 

Makes learning fun 

Children enjoy learning about different subjects, especially if the teacher makes it fun. Try introducing GK-based games or quizzes in the classroom or at home. Besides GK questions for classes 5 to 7 with answers, teachers/parents could become creative with fun-filled games like karaoke, Pictionary, and the like. 

Makes a strong foundation 

A child needs to be aware of a few topics that may or may not be available in a textbook. GK is how the child can imbibe such information. For instance, financial knowledge and nutrition are essential subjects in GK but aren’t discussed in all schools. 

Increases children’s confidence

A child with good command over any language and a vast amount of information on various relevant topics is likely to be more confident and less fearful of speaking in public. Activities that have GK questions with answers for class 5 can be of great help in boosting a child’s self-confidence. 

Helps in mental development

A child who is more generally aware is likely to be more inquisitive and ask more questions too. Children’s ability to perceive and understand the world as it is also improves. They can think more objectively and logically, which is reflected in their behaviours. 

Provides a good base for several competitions 

From basic quizzes to olympiads, there are several contests and competitions that test a child’s general knowledge. In many cases, the rewards are great. Attending a few competitions can provide more exposure to other cultures, ways of life, and schools of thought. Moreover, if a child wants to attempt the civil service examination, a solid base in general knowledge is a boon. 

Opens up new doors of opportunity 

The world is looking for intelligent children who understand different developments and are able to add value. A child who starts absorbing GK right from school also stands a greater chance of landing the best opportunities because of their ability to learn and think. 

Here are list of GK Questions for Class 1-

1. How many hours in a days?

Answer: 24 hours

2. How many Weeks are there in one year?

Answer- 52 Weeks

3. How many color’s of Rainbow?


4. How many days in a years?

Answer- 365

5. How many seconds in one minute?

Answer- 60 sec

6 .How many month in one year?

Answer- 12 Months

7. How many days in a week?

Answer- 7 days

8. How many vowels are there in the English alphabet?

Answer- 5

9. We use our ears to ______.

Answer- hear

10. we use eyes to____.

answer- see

11. Nose uses to____.


12. teeth uses to____.

Chew food

13. Which gas do humans need to breathe to live?

Answer- Oxygen

14. What is full form of Computer

O- Operating 

15 .How many zeroes are there in one thousand?

Answer- three

16 .Which part of a plant has seeds?

Answer- Fruit

17. How many letters are in the English alphabet?

Answer- 26

18. What is the total Number of Counting?

Answer- 100

19. Which are the vowels in the English alphabet series?


20. What is the name of Primary colours?

Answer- Red, Yellow, Blue

21. Which part of a plant has seeds?

Answer- Fruit

22. What are the three colours of Trianga?

Answer- orange, white, Green

23. Which animal has a long neck?

Answer- Giraffe

24. Which animal gives us wool?

Answer- Sheep

25 .What type of bird lays the largest eggs?


26 .In which direction does the sunrise?


27. How many fingers are there in your hand?


28. What is the colour of a sunflower?


29. What food does a cow eat?


30. A person who teaches us is known as____


31. What is the colour of the sky?

Answer- Blue

32. On which date, do we celebrate independence day in India?

Answer-15th August

33. Which planet is closest to the sun?


34. What are the smallest states of India?

Answer- Goa

35 .Which is the largest Animal in the world?

Answer- Blue Whale

36 .Which festival is known as the “Festival of colours”?

Answer- Holi

37. How Many bones are there in the human body?


38. How many sense organs do we have?

Answer- Five

GK Question for Class 2

1. A figure with 3 sides is known as a?
Answer- Triangle
2. Shape with no sides and corners called?
Answer- Circle
3. A box has all equal shape?
Answer- Square

4. What is the place value of 4 in 654?

Answer- Ones

4 times 8 equals ___________.

Answer- 32
When any number is multiplied by 0, the answer will be always?
7. One kilogram equals to how many grams?
Answer- 1000 grams

8. How many teeth does an adult have?

Answer- 32

9. 17. How many bones are there in the human body?


10. Paper is obtained from which plant?

Answer- Bamboo

GK Question for Class 3


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